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by Hello World Choir

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Dave McGurgan
Dave McGurgan thumbnail
Dave McGurgan This is a delightful recording of exceptional voices coming together. The song, "Hello World," is uplifting via these young women making their voices heard. Beautiful stuff. Favorite track: hello world.
Ġạṁṃȧ ḍėẹ Ṁẹ⚆
Ġạṁṃȧ ḍėẹ Ṁẹ⚆ thumbnail
Ġạṁṃȧ ḍėẹ Ṁẹ⚆ Very hearty sunny Music
I am great Hope to be able to increase so wonderful Music of You ❣️ good Luck to all of You
Music in your Heart Favorite track: shagara.
Alastair Baird
Alastair Baird thumbnail
Alastair Baird An exhilarating ep of true beauty, delivered with love. Sounds like the past and the future simultaneously.

Favorite track: wake up.
𝕋𝕨𝕚𝕤𝕥𝕖𝕕𝕤𝕠𝕦𝕝 thumbnail
𝕋𝕨𝕚𝕤𝕥𝕖𝕕𝕤𝕠𝕦𝕝 This wonderful album is something you really need to hear. Please don't sleep on this one. Favorite track: hello world.
Babbù thumbnail
Babbù Pure beauty. Deep and simple. Each track is good. I can't wait to ear more from this collaboration.
Bravo! Favorite track: hello world.
yebsido thumbnail
yebsido a m a z i n g Favorite track: hello world.
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shagara 04:06
Shagara Once I had a tree/ once I had In my backyard/ tree of hope And I saw it growing next to me Had to leave my home/ once I had And I took the tree/ tree of hope In a bag with me/ once I had Shagara shagara shagara X2 Tree was young and green/ tree of hope Put it in the ground / next to me In a different soil / same sun But my tree grew strong/ just like me x7 Together now we grow Shagara shagara shagara x2
wake up 03:01
Wake up Wake up everyday With a smile upon your face Hope in your soul Love in your heart Let your spirit fly high in the sky اصحى كل يوم بابتسامة خلى عندك امل فى الله حب جوه قلبك سيب روحك تعلى فوق فى السماء ده كل يوم الشمس تطلع بامل جديد الحلم بكره هيتحقق خليك اكيد wake up everyday and let me hear your song
hello world 03:13
Hello World No words in silence you stand Not here where are u بلا كلمات تقف فى الصمت لست هنا اين انت Believe hope for the best they say Who cares not me كونى مؤمنه بان القادم افضل من يهتم؟لست انا I flied from so far here I am so strong whatever will come for me will come for you all عبرت اميال طويلة فانا قوية والذى يصيبنى سيصيب الجميع
little dream 04:03
Little Dream حلمي يولد الان و يكبر غدا حلمي صغير يربي الامل حلمي صغير يرعاه الايام و يعيش في شوقي و دموع الحنين Blooming in my heart Drinking from my soul Inspiring my life Cannot recognise time Cannot be defeated Living in the sky aiming high My dream will not desert me Helmy leh yeh zoulani x3


Shagara translated as tree from Arabic, is the culmination of a one year-long choir collaboration featuring a Sudanese female choir of seven girls & women between 11-27, an Egyptian volunteer and a Greek artist. The choir, initiated in November 2015 in Cairo, through the Tadamon Community Center (Egyptian Refugee Multicultural Council), was originally formed on a voluntary basis to explore in weekly workshops the way a female foreign body expresses itself through music and language in contemporary Cairo.

Taking influences from traditional Sudanese folk, pop & electronic music, Shagara draws the listener in a tapestry of English & Arabic text that was written and translated together with the choir. This EP unearths that lived experienced by these girls & women, and a shared language emerges. Shagara locates itself in a contemporary moment of social & political flux, and emanates hopes of women’s emancipation. It combines recorded & mastered choral techniques with synths, electronic beats, oud, gambri, percussions, guitars & flutes and densely-layered vocals. This EP starts with a traditional Sudanese song that takes the listener into a dreamy world where children "…like the freshness of a good smelling tree branch everyday getting greener...", could be softly but surely taking over the world.

"whatever will come for me / will come for you all "

©Hello World 2017

Shagara has been developed in partnership with the Tadamon (Egyptian Refugee Multicultural Council) in Maadi, Cairo. This project was originally initiated through a residency with Townhouse Gallery from October to December in 2015. Conceptualized by artist Maria Sideri, the group collaborated in Cairo and composed these four songs under the name Hello World.

After working together until the end of the 2017 summer, followed by a second longer recording and mixing process, Hello World are now proud to release Shagara EP as the outcome of their collaboration. 

During my stay in Cairo, I was inspired to collaborate with a local female community and explore notions of 'the foreign' or 'the outsider''. Through a continuous body of artistic work that encompasses music, performance and writing, my investigative dialogues with a small part of the Sudanese community of Cairo, brought us to rethink notions of this small sudanese community and how it manifests in the rich and complex diversity of this immense cityscape. Through composing this music and the texts with the choir, an empowering space for a young women’s collective emerged. Through sharing our personal experience we found strategies to challenge the presence through concerts and performances, making and marking ourselves visible from the hidden neighborhoods of Hadayek in Maadi.

From its inception, through creation, mastering and release, this project to-date has received no financial resource. With your contribution of purchasing the Shagara EP, we will be able to pay artists, technicians and all those involved for their contributions, and continue to work with this choir as an ongoing collaborative process. We will ensure that its members continue to receive workshops, training and further artistic opportunities within the grassroots community.

Supporting this project also supports me to continue developing my artistic practice and understanding of contemporary issues relating to feminism, the foreign body, notions of migrancy, and the issues and experiences facing women whom move across and between cultures.

Hello World would like to continue to create contexts that open up space for conversations and collaborations; catalyze female emancipation, and gently challenge the status quo around representations of the female Sudanese population living in Egypt. Your support of Hello World through purchasing this EP also pledges much welcomed support of the unique positions of young African women. It can contribute positively towards shifting perceptions whilst also celebrating unique talents and their distinctive collective 'voice'.


released January 2, 2018

Shagara it’s the result of a one-year collaborative process with the members of the choir, music producers and musicians between Egypt and Greece.

All songs- except from the traditional Sudanese song لو اعيش زول ليهو قيمة-
are original material composed by Maria Sideri in collaboration with the Hello World Choir and the musicians.

Hello World Choir:
1 Entesar Μamoun Amer
2 Dalia Mamoun Amer
3 Eva Gabriel Wanadil Malik
4 Sabah Gabriel Wanadil Malik
5 Awadya Sabet Wasil Jendo
6 Mahraeal Zakria Potros
7 Samar Jon Agok
8 Eman Abed El Waged Abed El Kareem
9 Abeer Joseph Samuel
10 Sara Ali Dafaalla Maragan

Maria Sideri: vocals, back vocals, acoustic guitar, keys, electronics
Ibrahim Ezz El-Din: acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Ahmed Darwish: cajon
Fady Yanny: percussions, congas and bongos
Mazin Helal: percussions, hang Drum
Ahmed Omran: oud, gambri, flutes
Badz: bass synth for Shagara
Orestes Benekas: bass synth for Hello World

Music written by Maria Sideri

Lyrics hello world: Maria Sideri
Lyrics for little dream: Nour Mustafa Mussa
Lyrics for wake up: Eman Abed El Waged
Lyrics for shagara: Hello World Choir

Produced by Kareem Captan, Peter Ayman & Maria Sideri
Recorded by Mazin Helal
Mixed by Kareem Captan, Peter Ayman & Tasos Korkovelos
Mastered by Anastasios Kokkinidis

Cover album Image: Sixtine Larrieu
Video promo: Dimitris Mouggos

Special thanks to:
JP Kalonji, Dimitris Mouggos, Robbed Groove, Jan George, Bakry Ahmed, Andrew Mitchelson, Melody Nelson, Adham Zidan, Yasmine Ahmed Moataz, Kawthar Younis, Dina Naser, Amado Alfadni, Ashraf Osman, Fatima Saeed (director of Tadamon), Fatima & Bakhita (facilitators), Eman, Ayasha, Sarah (volunteers) and the families and friends of the Hello World Choir.


all rights reserved



Hello World Choir Cairo, Egypt

Hello World Choir is a project based choir in Cairo, initiated by Maria Sideri in December 2015.

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